Laboratory and Specimen Packaging

  R&K Laboratory Packaging Technologies is a leader in laboratory packaging organization and consolidation. Our innovative and disposable products have fast become a favorite of lab technicians and managers around the country. One example of our innovative laboratory packaging products is the RK Fluid Transport System (pat. pending) which consists of the following components and features:
  • RK Tube Rack - a sturdy yet disposable 9 cell fold down rack for vial transportation and storage.
  • RK Retention Sleeve - a sleeve that fits easily over the RK Tube Rack and vials, used as a secondary safety measure to ensure that vials and stoppers are held in place during transport.
  • RK Specimen Bag - a flexible, recloseable poly bag with a fluid absorbent strip, separate document pouch, matching sequentially numbered bar code and adhesive backed tear away strip. Bags are also color coded for easy area identification. The gusseted bottom allows upright storage of the RK Tube Rack.
Other R&K Packaging products include:
  1. RK 24 hour Urine Collection Kit
  2. Specimen and biohazard bags
  3. Consolidation bags
  4. Transport Bags
  5. Disposable tube racks
  6. Blood swab, tissue and specimen kits
  7. Insulated shippers and containers
  8. Courier totes
  9. Gel packs
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R&K Laboratory Packaging Technologies focuses on adding value to packaging for its various end user requirements. R&K will continue to integrate new technologies and materials, cost reduction options, volume discounting and improved packaging designs to better serve its lab and healthcare facility customers. We expect to continue experiencing tremendous growth through sales of our unique designs, product concepts and systems in direct response to our customer needs and requests.

R&K Laboratory Packaging Technologies and our staff of laboratory packaging professionals can provide you with "just-in-time" delivery, in-house training and inventory management while incorporating the latest innovations in fluid transport packaging technology.

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